​​Ill Sell for You

Personalized Service when you need something Sold Fast


You will earn 70%* or more of your items selling prices when you hire us to run your MaxSold auction. Call me today at 443-604-1247 to learn more about this exciting program and why it benefits you to have us run your auction instead of hiring MaxSold direct. In fact, hiring us can earn you even more than if you do it yourself as a "Seller Run" auction.

With a Maxsold Auction, you'll usually have everything gone and full payment in hand within 3 weeks of contacting us. What are you waiting for? 


Your Item Sells For   Ebay/Pay     Our Fee   Your Net Profit

​       $1 - $150           15.0%           35.0%      50%

       $151-$250         15.0%           32.5%      52.5%

       $251-$500         15.0%           30.0%      55%

       $501-$1000       15.0%           28.5%      56.5%

       $1001-$2500     15.0%           25.0%      60%

       $2501-$5000     15.0%           22.5%      62.5%

       $5001-$10000   15.0%           18.0%      67%

       Over $10,000     15.0%           15.0%      70%

Payments are made on the first Monday of the month following your sales. As an example, if you consign your items with me in January, the net proceeds from all items sold in January will be paid to you on the first Monday in February.