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How Consignment Works

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​​Ill Sell for You

There isn't much to explain if you want to sell me your stuff outright. That method is simple. I'll look at your items, we'll agree on a price, I'll pay you, and I'll haul away the items.

Consignment is different and can be handled in a variety of ways that best fits the situation. In a nutshell, you contract me to sell the item/s for you, I do all the work to get the item/s sold, I collect the money and I cut you a check for your net profit. The two most common ways I sell items are via and I also sell on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Letgo, and other platforms for specialty items. I handle everything from start to finish:

1. I catalog and photograph your items

2. I list your items

3. A Buyer then buys and pays for the item/s.

4. I Pack and ship the item/s to the buyer or I arrange a single Pickup day in which buyers come for their items.

5. Once the buyer/s receive their item/s and all is good, I write you a check for your net proceeds. (See example below)

You will be provided an invoice showing each item I sell for you, what it sold for, and what the associated fees were. The process is really quite simple. I do all the work and you get paid. I specialize in getting you the maximum amount of money for your items and leaving you your free time to relax. Yes, this is my full-time job. 

How do I maximize your profit? That's a fair question with no specific answer. Every item is different and timing can be everything. After buying and selling for 20+ years, I've learned several tricks that can make a big difference. I take the time to research unique and valuable items and find the best venue to market the item on.