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I'm Located in Cape Coral, FL / United States but will purchase and sell worldwide

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​​Ill Sell for You

Ill Sell for You is a new, yet very experienced business. Let me explain. I began buying and selling on Ebay in 1998. For 18 years I bought and sold primarily SCUBA Diving and Water Sports equipment for my businesses KB Diver Services and Eastern Watersports. In February 2016, I sold those businesses so that I could expand my buying and selling opportunities outside of the "water sports" arena. In addition to selling on Ebay, I use other websites such as Heritage Auctions and Maxsold as well as a plethora of mobile applications like OfferUp, Letgo and Facebook Marketplace to maximize profits whenever and wherever it makes sense to do so. 

If you want to sell your items and get a fair, reasonable offer for a quick sale to a single buyer, I will make you an offer to buy your items outright. If you prefer to maximize your profit, I am happy to take your items on consignment.

What I Buy and Sell

I will buy and take on consignment virtually anything of value. 

*Sports Equipment, *Collectibles such as Hummel and like items, *Jewelry, *Coin Collections, *Record Collections, *Musical Instruments, *Hollywood and Sports Memorabilia, *Movie Posters, *Original Art, *Comic Books, *Original and Limited Edition Art,  *Furniture,  *Small Watercraft, *Power and Hand Tools, *Classic Toys & Lunchboxes and much more

Perhaps you're retiring, downsizing, have inherited your parent's "junk", or are just looking to get the clutter out of the attic, garage, basement or closet. One call to me just might be the solution. I look forward to speaking with you.